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Acollection of poems written in English, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, and Esperanto."Among the English ones,Solid, ASon’s LamentandReflectionsare truly impressive;Ricordo di Ravenna,Con TeVicinaandFiglio del Soleget top marks in the Italian section, whilstQuand tulaisses le temps derrière toi, Vains espoirsandUn toast à la paixare real gems in the French section. Indubitably, those who can read the other languages will have a greater treat. An innovation in this book are the autographed poems in the original Maltese, which will allow the reader to compare the translated version with the poem itself. [...]The cover of this book is a detail from Turner’s celebrated paintingLake ofZug: Early morning, 1843(which features in miniature on the back flap). Nothing could fit better with the multi-coloured hues of the poems in the book and the varied moods of the poet himself. Indeed this is a poetry book with a difference; and not because of the poetic ramble through various languages. This is simply a book of very good poetry." - Alfred Palma

beyond - oltre - lil hinn

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