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We That Are Young

Heading 3

Galley Beggar Press

Publisher notes

Jivan Singh, the bastard scion of the Bapuji family, returns to his childhood home after a long absence - only to witness the unexpected resignation of the ageing Devraj Bapuji from the vast corporation he founded, Company India. On the same day, Sita, Devraj's youngest daughter, absconds - refusing to submit to the marriage her father wants for her. Meanwhile, Radha and Gargi, Sita's older sisters, are left to run the Company...<br><br>And so begins a brutal, deathly struggle for power, ranging over the Palaces and slums of New Delhi, the luxury resorts and spas of Amritsar and Srinagar.<br><br>Told in astonishing prose - a great torrent of words and imagery - We That Are Young is a modern-day King Lear that bursts with energy and fierce, beautifully measured rage.<br><br>Set against the backdrop of the Anti-Corruption Riots in 2011-2012, it provides startling insights into life in modern India, the clash of old and new, the breakneck pace of life in one of the world's fastest developing economies - and the ever-present spectre of death. More than that, this is a novel about the human heart. And its breaking point.




Galley Beggar Press



Paperback / softback




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