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Raag Darbari s plot is set in Shivpalganj, which is a small village located in Uttar Pradesh. This village appears to be no different from other villages that span the country. The narrator of this novel is Ranganath, who is a research student of History. He comes to visit his uncle. His uncle serves as the head of the village and his supporters are placed at key locations in the village. Vaidyaji, Ranganath's uncle, is a highly corrupt ruler who has defeated every individual who tried to stand against him. Vaidyaji dominates the intermediate college, the village council, the grain cooperative, and other village institutions. The readers are also introduced to Langad, who desires to carry out dealings in an honest manner. He represents the common man and has to bow down to the corrupt village government for getting the smallest of jobs done. Things take a turn for Vaidyaji when some people try to bring him down from his influential position. This leads to a series of events that will keep the readers glued to the very end. After seeing these events taking place before his eyes, Ranganath's opinion of the village changes completely. The book unearths the difficulties faced by the common man in the society at the hands of corrupt leaders. This book was greatly appreciated by its readers and it has also fetched Sukla the Sahitya Akademi Award, which is the highest literary award in India.

Raag Darbari

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