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Mallia & D'Amato Booksellers is run by husband and wife duo, Roderick and Ritianne. At its core, it is an online bookshop curating a selection of literature for the discerning reader. 


Our genuine approach at bookselling has made the bookshop popular over the years: we still put in effort and thought in our curated selection of books. Our bookshelves represent books and authors that we love to read or plan to read. This means that among our meticulously curated selection of titles you will find classics of world literature to cutting edge of contemporary fiction and poetry. We feature a good selection of nonfiction titles and essays, as well as books about art, science, and philosophy.  


We curate our bookshop in the same way we curate our own library, and we would love for you to share it with us. Whether you are looking for a specific title or something to challenge your literary boundaries, we are here to help you find it. 

Originally set up in 2018 by Roderick Mallia  and Kristian D'Amato,  two friends and avid readers passionate about the written word, the focus was always on carrying a small, well-curated selection of fiction, poetry, and beautiful books and thus providing the local book enthusiasts with the latest and most prominent voices in contemporary literature. In time, Kristian D'Amato took a step back from the running of the bookshop, but his legacy lives on. 

Roderick & Ritianne can be seen manning pop-up bookstalls at various events on the islands, and on weekends, when they are off their day jobs, they can be seen driving around delivering wrapped packages filled with the titles you have chosen to add to your libraries. 

The booksellers Ritianne and Roderick
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