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Store Policy

Customer Care

At Mallia & D'Amato Booksellers, we appreciate the importance of books in our lives and are passionate about providing our customers with the best selection of books from around the world. Our global network of suppliers ensures that our customers can find their desired titles quickly and conveniently.

We understand that our customers appreciate affordability and convenience, which is why we receive stock weekly from the USA, UK and Europe, and pay the costs of importing them, shipping, etc. The price in EURO in some cases, may deviate slightly from the dollar/euro or pound/euro exchange rate of the day. The price you pay will be in EURO at the time of order confirmation.


Immediate availability

The item is immediately available at Mallia & D'Amato Booksellers we will be able to proceed with the shipment within one working day.

Note: Estimated availability refers to individual units.


Available in days or weeks (e.g. "3-5-10 days", "4-5 weeks")

The article is not currently available in our warehouse. The term of availability of the item (expressed in days and/or weeks) is based on the information previously communicated to IBS by each supplier for the procurement of the product.

In the event of unavailability of one or more products from suppliers and/or in other cases of unavailability, the user will be promptly notified by e-mail within the aforementioned term, it being understood that no amount will be charged until shipment. Please consult article 5 of the General Conditions of Sale.
Note: Estimated availability refers to individual units.


Pre-orders, orders or available from a certain date

The expected availability date of the item is indicated on the product detail page.


Unavailable, we will search for it for you

The article is not currently available in our warehouse and it is difficult to find it. We will look for it and notify you via email of its actual availability.

Note: Products with the indication "not available, we will find it for you" do not contribute to reaching the threshold for free shipping and/or discount codes.


Currently not available

The item is currently unavailable and may become available again, but we don't know when yet. Enter your email from the product sheet, activating the "notify me" service and you will be contacted when it is eventually available for order.

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