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Publisher notes

The debut novel by Aleks Farrugia <em>"The Grasshopper was our den. Our temple, church, parliament, brothel, heaven and hell. You could fit fifty people in the place if you put them standing side by side and take their entrails out to save space. But for us that place was as wide as the fucking world. It was where all our major decisions in life had been taken."</em> The self-styled Brotherhood of the Drinking Glasses convenes at The Grasshopper pub for long nights of banter, drink and women. Daniel Hart is a long-standing member of the Brotherhood. He is bored in his media job and aspires to be a novelist, but can only dedicate his life to the fanatic pursuit of pleasure. A chance encounter with Sybil, a successful paperback writer in search of inspiration, is about to change all that � and for both begins a dark chaotic journey that will mark them and all those who cross their lives. <em>Grasshopper</em> tells a story of decisions and consequences; of emotional and sexual connections; of raw and lyrical tragedy. But most of all it is a story of self-discovery.




Merlin Publishers



Paperback / softback




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