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Heading 3

Bluemoose Books

Publisher notes

Life is good for reformed standup Hayden McGlynn. He's living in rent-free luxury in London's Kentish Town. His soon-to-be new agent is the hottest in the business.<br><br>The rights to his autobiographical screenplay, set in his native Dublin, have been snapped up. The future is money. The future is success.<br><br>The future is Hayden McGlynn. But Hayden has a problem. Screen Hayden is none other than Wolfe Swift, The Greatest Actor Of This Or Any Other Age.<br><br>And Wolfe Swift, as he prepares for the part, becomes Hayden McGlynn! Is the world ready for two Haydens? He also has a second problem. He's committed one murder and got away with it. He hasn't committed a second murder.<br><br>What if he gets done for that? Which leads to problem number three. The screenplay is autobiographical. Has Hayden inadvertently grassed himself up? Hewbris, a post-postmodern crime anti-thriller in the same vein as cult classic Sloot, posits five levels of comedy, lands Hayden with six biological mothers, and proves the existence of God through a joke.<br><br>Which came as a shock to the author.




Bluemoose Books


Paperback / softback





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