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Hidden Systems

Heading 3

Publisher notes

<em>Water, Electricity, the Internet, and the Secrets Behind the Systems We Use Every Day</em>We use water, electricity, and the internet every day--but how do they actually work? And what's the plan to keep them running for years to come? This nonfiction science graphic novel takes readers on a journey from how the most essential systems were developed to how they are implemented in our world today and how they will be used in the future.<br><br>What was the first message sent over the internet? How much water does a single person use every day? How was the electric light invented?<br><br>For every utility we use each day, there's a hidden history--a story of intrigue, drama, humor, and inequity. This graphic novel provides a guided tour through the science of the past--and reveals how the decisions people made while inventing and constructing early technology still affect the way people use it today.<br><br>Full of art, maps, and diagrams,Hidden Systemsis a thoughtful, humorous exploration of the history of science and what needs to be done now to change the future.









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