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How do Worms Work?

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Publisher notes

This is a lovely book to dip into, and you may even find yourself reading it cover to cover' - the Guardian'An enlightening and entertaining read that will leave the reader armed with the facts and insight to improve their garden as well as their general knowledge' - The English GardenRHS How Do Worms Work? provides expert answers to the questions that every gardener wants to ask - and a few that you never even dreamt of. As well as answering the titular question about soil's best friend, this fact-filled journey through the world of the garden is packed with Q&amp;As that are sometimes practical, sometimes whimsical and always intriguing. This richly illustrated volume is an absorbing guide to the quirky and lesser-known aspects of gardening and a perfect gift for any gardener with an inquisitive mind.<br><br>With sections on Seeds and Plants; Flowers and Fruits; Below the Ground; Weather, Climate and the Seasons; and In the Garden, RHS How Do Worms Work? holds the answers to common questions such as:- What's the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?- Is it true that sunflower heads follow the sun?- When is a plant a weed?- How do you attract butterflies?- How long can a plant survive without water?and many more.<br>










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