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The Dangers of Smoking in Bed

Heading 3

Granta Books

Publisher notes

SHORTLISTED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL BOOKER PRIZE&lt;<br><br>'Beautiful, horrible... the most exciting discovery I've made in fiction for some time'Kazuo Ishiguro<br><br>'Smoky, carnal, dazzling'Lauren Groff<br><br>Welcome to Buenos Aires, a place of nightmares and twisted imaginings, where missing children come back from the dead and unearthed bones carry terrible curses.<br><br>Thrumming with murderous intentions, family betrayals and morbid desires, these stories shine a light on a violent city gripped by urban madness; giving voice to the lost, the oppressed and the forgotten.<br><br>Lucid and darkly poetic, unsettling and otherworldly, these tales of revenge, witchcraft and fetishes are a masterpiece of contemporary Gothic and a bewitching exploration of the dark inclinations that threaten to lead us over the edge.<br><br>'I loved these twisted, lustful whispers in the dark. There is some serious power in this writing'Daisy Johnson<br><br>‘Mariana Enriquez is a mesmerizing writer who demands to be read. Like Bolaño, she is interested in matters of life and death, and her fiction hits with the full force of a train’Dave Eggers




Granta Books



Paperback / softback




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