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The Patient In Hospital Zero

Heading 3

Merlin Publishers

Publisher notes

TALES FROM BETWEEN WORLDS<em>Tales that explore the dark side of humanity and the shadows between worlds</em>A deadly virus leaves a hospital patient cut off from the outside world, as increasingly strange happenings make her question her sanity.An unlikely good luck charm comes with sinister strings attached, while a wealthy socialite discovers that the biggest danger lies closer than the preternatural creatures laying siege to the city.A young woman’s propensity for lying spirals out of control, leading to a tragic twist of fate, while recurring night terrors reveal a terrifying experiment taking place in a small town.Award-winning journalist Ramona Depares digs deep into the darkness of the human psyche in this collection of chilling stories that manifest the dichotomies of human nature, with lust, greed and obsession variously driving each protagonist.The stories unfold within alternative realms that feature urban magic, psychological horror, dystopian societies, sci-fi elements, and even a post-pandemic parallel Malta. The result is a genre-bending collection that will intrigue readers who appreciate a sense of the uncanny.




Merlin Publishers



Paperback / softback




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