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Snatch and grab!Magla has been left for dead after a thwarted attempt at revenge has left her missing a key limb! But help is on its way … from both cybernetic and supernatural sources.A small resistance against Robberbarron begins to form as Magla’s powers come into keener focus, but can these guerrilla activists come up with a workable plan in time to stop Robberbarron and Orion’s diabolical plans for Mibdul? And will Magla be their secret weapon, or their downfall?_Mibdulis a six-issue serialised comic that’s a first in many ways: something of an allegory for Malta’s often tragicomic relationships with the outside world, it frames this political dimension through the story of Magla, a young girl whose mother recently committed suicide, but whose legacy suggests a link to primordial forces beneath Mibdul’s core. A legacy that both Magla and a rag-tag resistance force seek to exploit in an attempt to overthrow the capitalistic juggernaut that is destroying any remaining part of Mibdul’s natural heritage.Mibdul is the smallest planet in its star system, flanked as it is by Treaty — its former coloniser — and Velocifero, a technologically-advanced cyborg utopia that’s proving to be more and more of a reference point for Mibdul’s avaricious elite.Mibdultells a colourful and gripping story, while also dipping into familiar political scenes to lend a flavour and satirical edge to a story that otherwise draws from a rich well of pop culture and myth.

Mibdul (#5)

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