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If you are shopping via our online store but don't see what you're looking for, it’s always worth getting in touch with us to see how we can help. We can usually source even the most obscure titles and requests, as well as academic texts. In many cases, these titles take only a couple of days to reach us and once they do, we’ll be in touch to schedule pickup or a delivery right to your door. We keep our stock levels low for a number of reasons but mainly because it is physically impossible for us to stock the more than 300,000 new titles published each year in the UK and Italy alone. Instead, we take delivery of new stock weekly, thus ensuring that we always have the latest, most exciting titles available for our customers to browse and buy. Our staff are passionate and experienced booksellers who put a lot of love and time into curating our stock, ensuring we bring customers what we feel is an original, diverse and representative selection of the best titles across most genres.

Please let us know as many details as you can about the title you're looking for, and whether you'd like to place an order for collection or delivery.

Thank you for your order!

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