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Like the rest of us, Gribby is willing to accept life in the surveillance state if, at the very least, it means there is the constant comfort and consolation of porn. He just didn't realize that clicking "yes" on the 12.99 a month plan would result in some hyper-real images of himself engaging in all manner of sexual scenarios--violent or otherwise--with his co-workers (for most people, that's not exactly an eroticizing thought--enticing one even less to come into the office). At first, Gribby's response is very positive indeed (which the folks at PornME have the dopamine levels to prove), but as the situations start to become increasingly lurid--in addition to being a Groundhog Day string of experiences that are indecipherable from the next--he wonders if this distraction is really worth the dull pain. Especially when it gets intergalactic.

The PornME Trinity

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