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All This Could Be Different

Heading 3

Publisher notes

An extraordinary novel, spiny and delicate, scathingly funny and wildly moving'<br>Lauren Groff, author ofFates and Furies<br><br>'Sarah Thankam Mathews' prose is undeniable . . .<br><br>she captures the sneaky, unsaying parts of longing'<br>Raven Leilani, author ofLuster<br><br>'Some books are merely luminous . . .<br><br>this one is iridescent'<br>Susan Choi, author ofTrust Exercise<br><br>'This is not a story about work or precarity. I am trying, late in the evening, to say something about love, which for many of us is not separable from the other shit.'<br><br>This is a novel about being young in the 21st century.<br>About being called a 'rockstar' by your boss because of your Excel skills.<br>About staying up too late buying furniture online, despite the threat of eviction hanging over you.<br>About feeling like all your choices are mortgaged to the parents that made your life possible.<br>About the excitement of moving to a new city: about gay bars, house parties and new romances.<br>About a group of friends - about Sneha, Tig and Thom - and how that can become a family.<br>About love and sex and hope.<br>About knowing that all this could be different.









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