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Heading 3

Publisher notes

It’s the Wild West, but it's wilder than you think...<br><br>Discover uncharted territories in this powerful collection of western adventure stories, where settlers who flood into a new continent in search of a better life must confront the indigenous population who call it home.<br><br>Follow the journey of a determined young widow who is struggling to keep her farm going, as she must deal not only with the harsh realities of the frontier but also injustices brought by her fellow settlers. Meet a newlywed couple struggling to understand each other and their new life together.<br><br>Watch the small town lawman fighting to keep the peace in a land filled with tension and violence. Read the perspective of an academic looking to make his name by documenting the indigenous peoples.<br><br>And follow the orc wanderer, watching his people being swept aside by the human settlers, and facing the difficult decision of whether to fight or to assimilate.<br><br>Through these disparate but interwoven stories, we see a new mythology of settlement born, old stories told in new ways, a fresh focus on the legends we write for ourselves.









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